Important Announcement
It is with resignation that we report that our guitarist and founding member Laurent Schroeder-Lebec is taking an indefinite hiatus from the band. Many may have already noticed his absence from live shows over the last couple of years (he stopped traveling for out of town shows in 2010), his role as a composer is now also going on hold for the foreseeable future. The decision is not due to any internal turmoil or conflict - since our last full length album Laurent has made his family and career the central focus of his life, which the members of Pelican completely respect and honor. In 2010, when his interest in playing out of town declined, Laurent was the first to suggest that we find a substitute guitarist and continue getting the music out to our fans. He continued to play local shows with us and rehearse (in the rare instances that all four of us were in Chicago), but after recording sessions for our last EP, Ataraxia/Taraxis, when we were ready to begin writing our next album and began planning the writing sessions it would entail, Laurent confided that his heart wasn't fully in it and, rather than deliver music that was half-hearted, he would rather sit it out.

Laurent is our friend and our brother - while his decision is disheartening, we completely respect it. We don't yet know what the repercussions of his departure will be, but we're thrilled by the strides made on our last EP and excited with the direction of the new material composed since its recording. Laurent has given us his blessing to carry on. For now Laurent's place at live shows will be filled, as it has been for the past two years, by the immensely talented Dallas Thomas of the superb band The Swan King - anyone who saw our shows out West last year or in Europe this Spring knows he is a shredder and fully up to the task. As for writing, we are currently working as a three piece since we're not looking to significantly alter the DNA on the compositional front. We hope that you stick with us and see what coming; as said previously we're very excited with the path we're on.

We've said since day one that Pelican is and always will be the four of us - we stand by that statement. Laurent is an integral part of this band whether or not he is standing on stage or composing with us. His unique musical voice and confidence of purpose have impacted us all and is present in every show and note we play. Our best wishes are with him in everything he does.

PELICAN Announce New EP

Thunderous post-instrumental outfit PELICAN have announced the long awaited follow-up to their sprawling 2009 full length What We All Come To Need, a new four song EP Ataraxia/Taraxis to be released via Southern Lord on April 10. With members now residing in separate cities, the EP represents a new chapter in the band’s evolution with a reenergized focus on composition and the utilization of the recording studio as a creative tool in the songwriting process, yielding one of the most diverse efforts in the band’s prolific discography.

The four new songs highlight the manifold sonic strengths of the band by delving into moments of triumphant melodic rock, smokey doom, ambient soundscape, acoustic desert-folk, and minimalist electronics. In contrast to the EP’s origin as the product of four different recording studios, including stints with engineers Sanford Parker (Twilight, Circle of Animals, Nachtmystium) and Aaron Harris (ISIS), the carefully crafted track listing boasts a cohesive narrative flow, lending the release an epic feel worthy of a full album.

Ataraxia/Taraxis Track Listing:
1. Ataraxia
2. Lathe Biosas
3. Parasite Colony
4. Taraxis

PELICAN is supporting the release with a two-week run of dates in Europe and the UK, including coveted spots at Roadburn and Dunk! Festivals.

PELICAN Upcoming Tour Dates:
4/06/2012 Dunk! Festival - Zottegem, BE
4/07/2012 The Garage - London, UK w/ Chelsea Wolfe
4/08/2012 Vudu Club - Birmingham, UK w/ Chelsea Wolfe
4/09/2012 Brudenell Social Club - Leeds, UK
4/10/2012 Stereo - Glasgow, UK
4/11/2012 The Ruby Lounge - Manchester, UK
4/12/2012 The Haunt - Brighton, UK
4/13/2012 The Cooler - Bristol, UK
4/14/2012 Roadburn Festival - Tilburg, Netherlands
4/15/2012 La Maronquinerie - Paris, France
4/16/2012 Jubez - Karlsruhe, Germany w/ Tombs
4/17/2012 Bad Bonn - Dudingen, Switzerland
4/18/2012 Magnolia - Milan, Italy
4/19/2012 Feierwerk - Munich, Germany w/ Tombs
4/20/2012 Cassiopeia - Berlin, Germany w/ Tombs
4/21/2012 Nosturi - Helsinki, Finland

Beer drinking public - behold the Creeper

New Ep
We are going to track 2 new songs in October for an Ep on Southern Lord, to be released in Spring 2011!

10 Year Anniversary Shows and Box Set
To celebrate ten years of Pelican

10/23 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge w/ The Life & Times, Swan King
10/30 West Hollywood, CA @ The Troubadour w/ Goatsnake, Nails

In addition a vinyl box set limited to 500 will be released.

more info can be found at:

What We All Come To Need on vinyl and Twitter
"What We All Come To Need" is still available from Southern Lord. They have the Red Vinyl version on gatefold double lp, limited to 1000 copies. Vinyl has 3 bonus tracks not included on the cd version.

Also if you haven't already checked us out on Twitter...

Scion Rock Fest

Final Breath video

Pelican - Final Breath from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

What We All Come To Need - preorders
What We All Come To Need pre-orders are now up.

there are several different options...

CD preorder + exclusive shirts and hoodie through Pelican Store at Blue Collar Distro


Limited Edition CD/DVD + exclusive tshirt through Southern Lord

In-Store Performances; Pelican Burger Unveiled; CD Pre-order with exclusive content begins Tuesday
In anticipation of the release of their fourth full length, What We All Come To Need, PELICAN will celebrate with an in store performance on October 16th at Chicago’s Reckless Records followed by an album listening party at 11:30 pm at Kumas Corner (, a renowned restaurant/bar responsible for dozens of burgers named for fellow members of the Metal pantheon. Here they'll unleash the "Pelican Burger"; a ten ounce Kobe Beef patty, with pan seared scallops and lardons, in a garlic white wine sauce on top of a parmesan crisp, and served with white wine-garlic Aioli!

PELICAN are also pleased to announce several more in-store appearances along the way when they hit the road this month. This is a great opportunity to see the band for free in a intimate setting! (See all details below) The US tour kicks off on October 18th, alongside label mates BLACK COBRA. See the full tour routing in the dates section.

Additionally it should be noted that pre-orders for the new album will begin online this Tuesday, October 13th at the Southern Lord ( website as well as on Pelican’s own webstore ( - exclusive content will be available from both to celebrate this monumental release including a special mailorder-only double disc version.

Pelican's fourth full-length release What We All Come To Need will be released by Southern Lord on October 27th. Interviews, photos, bio available on request:

PELICAN in-store performances:

10/16/2009 Reckless Records (Wicker Park) / 1532 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL - 7:00 pm

10/22 2009 The Record Exchange / 1105 West Idaho St, Boise ID - 5:30 PM

10/24/2009 Easy Street Records (Queen Anne) / 20 Mercer St, Seattle WA - 3:00 pm

10/25/2009 Jackpot Records (Hawthorne) / 3574 SE Hawthorne St, Portland OR - 3:00 pm

**this is a DJ SET, Pelican will be playing their favorite records!

11/1/2009 End of an Ear / 2209 South First St, Austin TX - 3:30 pm

from the desk of our publicists:



The mighty Pelican are in the studio putting the finishing touches on their fourth studio album, entitled What We All Come To Need. What guitarist Laurent Lebec has dubbed “the most perfect synthesis of everything we’ve done to date, sonically”, this new album is a giant step forward within the complex, intricate, beautiful and crushing sound Pelican is famous for. The album features more guests than have ever appeared on a Pelican album before: Greg Anderson of sunn O))), Aaron Turner of Isis, Ben Verellen of Harkonen and Helms Alee and Allen Epley from The Life & Times and Shiner. Content-wise, Lebec says “There is a current of inspiration that feels particular to each album's music and titles. Though we lack a singer, the song names are often conceptual. This new album speaks to a rapidly decaying world, the fulfillment we find in each other, as well as the resolve to move beyond disillusionment.” If the recent Ephemeral EP is any indication of what’s to come, we can expect nothing less than the apex of Pelican’s creative output.

If you are lucky enough to be in Seattle or NYC in the coming months, don’t sleep on checking out the new songs live:
Aug 6, 2009 Neumo's Seattle, Washington
Sep 22, 2009 Brooklyn Masonic Temple Brooklyn, NY
(*Both shows with sunn 0))), Eagle Twin and Earth)


1) Glimmer
2) The Creeper
3) Ephemeral
4) Specks Of Light
5) Strung Up From The Sky
6) An Inch Above Sand
7) What We All Come To Need
8) Final Breath



Champions of Sound 2008 2x7inch

The CHAMPIONS OF SOUND 2008 2x7inch is available in the Hydra Head Webshop. In addition to our unreleased track, "Winds With Limbs", there are also tracks from our friends in Kayo Dot, Zozobra and Stove Bredsky.
You can order at Hydra Head Shop

Andalucia - Fox BMX Video
Our song "A Delicate Sense Of Balance" from City of Echoes has been featured in a FOX BMX video in Andalucia. You can watch the video  at, it's Episode 3, check it out.

Ephemeral Vinyl Available in webstore
Ephemeral 12 inch vinyl has been launched in the online store.

you can order it here.

Limited Edition T-shirt to be sold at Massachusetts shows this week
Shirts and Destroy

At both Massachusetts shows Shirts and Destroy will be selling this as a limited edition shirt designed by Ryan Begley and printed on ORGANIC cotton T-shirts. 100 will be printed and whatever doesn't get sold at the venues will be available in their online store afterwords. Come see this amazing show with ISIS/Pelican/Tombs - Thursday, June 4th @ Pearl St. in Northampton MA and Friday, June 5th @ Paradise Rock Club in Boston MA.

Hey folks,

Our show in Tokyo this weekend was a blast. Thank you so much to our dear friends Mono and Tadashi for making it possible. It is really so amazing and unimaginable that we have been invited to play in Japan three times now - none of us every thought this was possible when we first started playing together. So thank you again friends and everyone who came out to the show.

We got CD copies of our new three song EP Ephermeral right before the tour. They turned out fanastic thanks to the design and printing ingenuity of our friends at Delicious Design League. Again, the CD version of this EP is limited to 1000 copies and is only available from us at our shows. Copies leftover at the end of the tour may make it onto our webstore, we will keep you posted on that.

At our Friday show in Birmingham, AL we will meet a shipment of the vinyl edition of Ephemeral and copies of our split 7" with Young Widows, which also features a brand new song not available anywhere else. Very sorry we couldn't get these in time for the first few shows of the tour, folks, but that's the way the cookie crumbled.

Anyhow, it's time to pack the van and start the long drive to Austin to meet the ISIS tour already in progress. see you soon.

Soundscreen Design merch
Pelican are part of a great design project that Soundscreen Design has done with award winning designers, Brian Roettinger (Hand Held Heart), Seripop, and Jay Ryan (The Bird Machine). Soundscreen got the three designers to pick bands they wanted to work with to create an exclusive, premium line of t-shirts, vneck t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags, which would be sold as a collection. The end result is the Soundscreen Design Summer 2009 Collection, of which we are thrilled to be a part of. Our design was created by Jay Ryan (The Bird Machine)

The garments are really quite amazing, made from 100% organic cotton and bamboo (for the totes). They were custom sized and custom died to the designers specifications. They fit incredibly well and feel better than anything we have come across. The collection is limited, as it will only be available during the season of its release, in this case, Summer.

Pre-orders are live now, and should start shipping May 19th. Go to to pre-order today.

Hey friends,

Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us on our jaunt with Wolves in the Throne Room and Tombs. The tour was a blast despite the fact that it ended quite nastily. In all honesty some of the shows rated amongst our favorites we ever played. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

Those of you who don't know, we missed the last show of our tour in Chicago on April 5th due to apocalyptic weather conditions that had us snowed in in North Platte, Nebraska. The show has been rescheduled for this Friday, please see upcoming show section for details. While Tombs are not able to join us due to work obligations back in the Big Apple and Harpoon had to drop off due to a medical emergency, we will be joined by two excellent local outfits, the inimitable metal thunder of American Draft and the power ambience of Chord, whose new record on Neurot Recordings will be available for sale at the show. It will be a blast. And the weather looks like it will be good - we have our fingers crossed.

The next day we'll be driving down to Munster, IN to play at Three Floyds for their annual Dark Lord Day, more information about which can be found here. To cut to the chase, the site specifically says "Dark Lord Day is the only day of the year to buy Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Imperial stout. DLD is a festival where participants can meet other beer enthusiasts, sample beers from all over the world, buy Dark Lord, try Oak Aged Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout, eat BBQ, listen to live music, and generally have a great time." Waco Brothers, Sybris, Bible of the Devil, Big Science, and Imperial Battle Snake will also be performing. The fest begins at 11am, we are slated to play sometime after 7pm.

Following this we will be venturing to Tokyo at the behest of our good friends Mono to join them, World's End Girlfriend, and LITE for the Raid World Festival 09 to be held at Liquidroom on May 16th. We are obviously thrilled and honored to have been invited to participate.

We will then fly home, hop in the van, and drive down to Austin to join the ISIS tour already in progress. Despite having played with ISIS several times throughout the years, this our first time doing a proper tour with them. We are quite psyched to have been offered the opportunity as their new disc "Wavering Radient" is a crusher. Also on the dates will be our old buddies Tombs. We've missed you guys... looking forward to catching up.

Speaking of new releases, our new EP Ephemeral is slated for release on June 6th through Southern Lord. We are doing everything in our power to have advance copies in time for the tour. While Southern Lord is handling the vinyl and mp3 side of the release, the CD version will be self-released by Trevor's own Migration Media label. We're pressing up 1000 copies, all of which will be packaged in custom designed and printed sleeves by our buddies Delicious Design League, the folks responsible for the screenprinted Australasia limited edition that came out, among a million other things they've done for us. The CD will only be available from us on tour for the time being. There will be a special edition of 50 for our Japan show as well, which I forgot to mention.

Also be on the lookout for a split 7" with our buddies Young Widows on Temporary Residence, which we'll hopefully get copies of during the course of the tour as well. One new song from each band. We're also still waiting on the Champions of Sound 2x7" on Hydra Head which features exclusive tracks by us, Kayo Dot, Zozobra, and Stove Bredsky.

I think that's all for now.
Thanks for reading!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sad to say, but unfortunately our good friends from NYC, Tombs, who were slated to play with us at Empty Bottle next Friday are not available for the show after all. Additionally, our buddies in Harpoon have had to drop off following emergency surgery on one of their members.

We have, however, stepped up and found some exciting replacements. Firstly American Draft, old, old buddies of ours that we played with back in 2001 and somehow not again since. Their new record "Hawk" is a brutal melange of off kilter discordant riffing, solid hard rock, and blazing metal. We have been holding out on you folks by not playing with them more recently.

Secondly, the show will serve as a record release show for power ambient group Chord, one of Trevor de Brauw's several musical endeavors outside of Pelican, who are celebrating their debut release "Flora" on Neurot Recordings.

We have a lot of other exciting news forthcoming... more to follow... videos
Three videos of Laurent talking about guitar nerd stuff have been posted on the website, the videos can be found if you scroll down on the left side of the site.

Check them out...

Our show last night in Chicago has been rescheduled (please see previous blog for details on cancellation). The Empty Bottle rescheduled the show for Friday, April 24th. All previously purchased tickets will be honored. Tombs are planning to drive down from NYC just to make the rescheduled date, so please, at the very least, consider coming out to support them. Our apologies to those who did not receive word in time and went out in the nasty weather for the show. We made it back to Chicago, a little worse for wear, at 1am. We are now safe and sound- thank you everyone for your concern. Sorry folks and thank you for your understanding.

Dark Lord Day 2009
Following our tour down to SXSW and up the West Coast we'll be performing a one-off show at Three Floyds Brewery in Munster, IN (an hour outside of Chicago) for their annual Dark Lord Day - the one day of the year that beer connoisseurs can buy Three Floyd's oak aged imperial stout Dark Lord. For more info on the fest and the brewery please see: and

Photos from recent recording session in Seattle
here are a few photos from the recent recording session at Red Room Studios with Chris Common. It resulted in 3 new songs to be released as an EP on Southern Lord sometime around May or June.

Pelican sign to Southern Lord, new EP/tour soon
Hello everyone,

The news is true, over the weekend we met up with Greg Anderson of Southern Lord records over a round of espressos and signed a recording contract to do our next few records with his label. We couldn't be more excited- the label is home to some good friends and amazing bands: Boris, Earth, Sunn0))), Wolves in the Throne Room, Burning Witch... I could seriously go on all day. Please don't get the wrong impression, Hydrahead are still our friends and family. But after 6 years, 3 full lengths, 3 eps, 2 dvds, and a large handful of limited releases we felt like we needed a change of scenery, a chance to try some different waters. In others words, we are the same old Pelican just doing records on a new label.

While we were in Seattle we headed into Red Room Studios with our buddy Chris Common (These Arms Are Snakes) to record 3 new songs to be released as an EP on Southern Lord sometime around May or June. The record will feature two new songs "Embedding the Moss" and "Ephemeral" which we debuted on our last tour, as well as our first ever cover song. In the interest of sparking wild speculation we will divulge neither the cover we tackled nor the guest guitarist whose contributions to the track were indispensable. More info coming soon...

We're almost finished with the writing for our new record and will be heading into the studio to record our new full length sometime in early summer. Again, Chris will be manning the boards as the results of this last recording session were fantabulous (I can't believe spellcheck doesn't have a problem with that word).

We'll be heading out for a brief three week stint of shows down to SXSW then up the west coast (in part to make up for our east coast centric Champions of Sound tour from this past Fall) in mid-March. Joining us will be Wolves in the Throne Room and Tombs. Please see tour dates section for more info.

There's a whole lot of other stuff in the works, but maybe it's best to save that for another post some other day.

New Tour Dates
dates with Wolves In The Throne Room & Tombs posted HERE

New Tour Dates
New tour dates are posted for March 15th - April 5th with dredg, Wolves In The Throne Room and Tombs

The making of the PELICAN "fire in our throats..." tour poster
as posted by Wes at Burlesque on

Sirius ringtone for your phone

Exclusive Pelican shirt from Shirts and Destroy

Available now exclusively from shirts and destroy

Pelican wins again + Best of '08 voting begins
Our video for ‘Lost in the Headlights’ will be airing this coming Saturday evening on Headbangers Ball once again. Thanks to all of you that took the time out to head over to the Headbangers Blog to vote and show your support.

We need your help once again, as we are pleased to announce that both of our videos ‘Lost in the Headlights’ and 'Dead Between The Walls' are up for Headbangers Best of 08. You can vote for either one as many times as you like. Voting is taking place HERE

Vote to re-air Pelican video on MTV
You might remember earlier this year when we asked you all if you could vote to get our video for "Dead Between the Walls" aired again on MTV via their blog. Well, they've invited folks to let their preference be known once again and if you folks could provide even half the landslide you were responsible for last time we'll be certain to crack the airwaves once more.

Our video for "Lost in the Headlights" aired the last two weeks on Headbanger's Ball - let's make it a third!

Voting takes place here

Those of you interested in baking (non-vegan) Pelican cupcakes might find a recipe of interest here. The story, of course, is fabricated. Larry is a very serious individual and has never ridden in the basket of a shopping cart. Expect a lawsuit for slander in the near future. But enjoy the cupcakes.

Pelican live footage from PBS - Alabama Public Television

Lost in the Headlights video premiere

You can check it out here or HeadBangersBlog

The on-air premiere is Saturday 11/15 on MTV2's Headbangers Ball.
It will air between 2am-3am EST and 11pm-12am PST.
If you do the DirectTV thing, it airs live from the East Coast feed.
We are fairly certain it is the first video to air that night, so tune in early!

Lost in the Headlights video premieres this week
hey folks,

things are going well out here on the champions of sound tour 2008, so thank you so much to everyone who has been coming out to the shows.

we're pleased to announce that the second and final video from City of Echoes, "Lost in the Headlights", will see its premiere this week on Headbangers Ball. here is the scoop from the mouth of the video's director:

"Hey folks -

Here is the official scoop for the premiere of the music video for Pelican, which I mentioned in the last email:

The online premičre will be on Thurs 11/13 and it will be on the Headbangers Blog.

On MTV-2 - It will be on-air on Headbangers Ball on Saturday 11/15. It will air between 2am-3am, Eastern - 11pm-12am, Pacific, if you do the DirectTV thing, which airs it live from the East feed.

if yr piddling around at home on saturday night, doing laundry or petting your cat, check it out!"

Hey folks,

Sorry to not say so sooner (having only two weeks between tours leaves so little time to make preparation that it's difficult to get everything accomplished) but everything is in place for us to start the Champions of Sound tour this coming Tuesday. Three of us have made it back to the States following our passport theft fiasco in Rome - meanwhile Laurent has all the necessary paperwork and barring any unforseen circumstances is set to fly back to Chicago on Sunday.

Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to us with their concerns, condolences, and donations. That so many of you expressed such empathy for our situation helped us feel like we were not alone in what was, at the time, a very anxious and lonely experience. The Paypal account we set up went very well and donations have gone a long way toward helping us recover our lost material possessions. It was heartwarming to see so many names of friends on the list of contributors - it went a long way toward making us feel like we are part of a true community. But even more moving was to see how many people helped out that we don't even know - people from around the world. Thank you so much for all your help.

Problems aside our tour went great. 30 shows in 31 days - sounded pretty insane at the outset, but the shows went well and many good times were had. Many thanks to our buddies in Torche; like I threatened in Rotterdam, you guys are family now! They are headed out for their own tour across the US right now, so please check their myspace page for upcoming dates and go support the crap out of them.

There are some photos of our ZXZW show in Tilburg here. Not everyday you get to play with Watain and the Sun Ra Arkestra.

See you all soon.

Robbed on tour
Hey Everyone,

Our otherwise excellent tour of Europe hit a severe stroke of bad luck this week. Two days ago we had a spare half hour to spend in Rome before heading to the venue, so we decided to go see the Coliseum. We parked nearby and went to take a brief twenty minute walk around the area. When we returned to our van we found that it had been broken into, despite being parked on a major street in broad daylight. Four bags were stolen, the contents including computers, passports, wallets, ipods, our soundguy's microphone collection, and, most devastatingly, a number of personal journals and two portable recording devices containing hours of song ideas that are now lost forever.

The calculated loss of this theft is several thousands of dollars. Unfortunately our band only earns us a very meager living and some of us are already in the hole from years of trying to make a living as musicians. This incident therefore poses a devastating loss and puts us in a very compromised financial position. Although we realize that there is a worldwide financial crisis going on, if there are those of you who have the means and desire to help out our gratitude would run deeper than words could express. We've set up a Paypal account at the address Anything you can offer, even simple condolences, would go a long way. Thanks so much for reading.

Champions of Sound 2008

Hydra Head Records is pleased to announce their second ever Champions of Sound US Tour. Originally conceived in 2003 and also featuring label staples and instrumental metal masters, Pelican, this year's trek sees avant-metal pioneers Kayo Dot, supporting their latest "Blue Lambency Downward," and Cave-In frontman Stephen Brodsky (aka Stove Bredsky), support his psychedelic rock masterpiece that is "The Black Ribbon Award." Joining the bill in major cities such as New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, are the almighty Zozobra, whose latest, "Bird of Prey," has been pummeling our eardrums for the past month.

If you're lucky enough to live in these cities, do not miss your chance to see one of the best tours to come through town in quite some time.

Champions of Sound 2008 featuring Pelican, Kayo Dot and Steve Brodsky

dates are posted on the dates section of the website

SO much Pelican NEWS!
So, folks, it has been quite awhile since a proper update on what's going on. We've been mostly taking Summer off, which is why there's been little to report. But we are revving into full gear for the Fall, so it's time to let you in on what's up our collective sleeves.

First up to deck is our upcoming European tour with our trusted and talented labelmates Torche. Their new record "Meanderthal" has been the soundtrack for the summer, and if their opening stint for Boris in Chicago was any indication folks had better ready to be pummeled with a combination of melody and pure heaviness. The tour begins September 12th and runs through October 12th. We will be hitting tons of places we've been before, but also a bunch of places we haven't. See our upcoming shows sections for more info.

Coinciding with that tour will be some new merch goodies. Can anyone say limited edition split 10" with These Arms Are Snakes? After our collaboration with them on last Fall's "Pink Mammoth" came too late to make it to the 10" single version (it was later released on the 3" CD that came with our "After the Ceiling Cracked" DVD) we decided it would be fun to give it its own vinyl release backed with us contributing to one of TAAS's songs. They rerecorded their jam "DIggers of Ditches" then graciously let us lend our sounds to the mix. It is a force to be reckoned with. Hydrahead will be releasing a limited edition of 3000 10"s and a far more limited CD version as well - this tour will be people's first opportunity to see and/or purchase.

Also, as previously announced, we will have copies of The Fire In Our Throats on double LP, in a repressed edition courtesy of our friends at Viva Hate Records. This edition is housed in a metallic gold cover as opposed to the original silver packaging and is limited to 1000 copies. Again, this tour will be the first chance to grab copies outside of the preorder copies that I believe are shipping soonish.

On return from the land across the pond there is a tour in the works for the Eastern coats of this United States of A. It will coincide with the presidential election, so expect a spoken word set from us of no less than an hour and a half a night about the issues of the day. Or expect us to play our songs, which is actually more likely. Shows are not 100% confirmed yet, so please keep your eyes peeled on our upcoming shows section as they will be posted as soon as they are confirmed. The aforementioned merch will also show its face on this coming tour. Lineup is already in place and will be announced once we have confirmation.

When I said that we took the summer off, well, I kind of lied. We did get together to work on new material - including a song called "Inch Above Sand" which we recorded for an upcoming split 7" with Young Widows which will be released in early '09 on Temporary Residence. The song marks the first instrument swap in the history of the band as Bryan slings guitar riffs and Trevor lays down the bass. The whole thing was documented by our new buddy Teppei Teranishi of Thrice who lent his considerable recording talents and use of studio and gear. Thanks so much! The song and some other new ones that we worked out will be making its way into our sets on the next couple of tours so you can all get a feel for it.

Actually the song already made its live debut in Chicago a couple of weeks ago at our last minute show at the Subterranean. Those of you who came out, thank you so much. The show was put on by Rhapsody, an interesting online music store that comes to you by way of the folks at MTV. They recorded our set and will sometime in the near future be offering an exclusive live video for free on their site. We will let you know when this goes up.

But I would be remiss if I were to tell you that this was the only video recording going on in our Summer as we spent a couple of days with our buddy Kenneth in sunny Los Angeles shooting the music video for "Lost in the Headlights". In the video the would-be singer-stalker from the "Dead Between the Walls" continues to stalk us as we rock an enchanted forest and a deserted rooftop in the Garment District. Be prepared to be thrilled, chilled, and ROCKED! The video premier should be sometime soon. We will keep you in the proverbial loop.

What else? Besides finishing the writing for our next full length (expect it sometime in '09) we're also working on a collaborative split 7" with Suicide Note and a variety of other zany ideas that you will have to be patient to find out about.

SubT - Chicago - This Thursday - RSVP

Pelican will be a part of Rhapsody Rocks Chicago at SubT on North Ave in Chicago.
This coming Thursday, July 31st
21+ - Doors at 8pm. More info and to RSVP just CLICK HERE

FIOT Vinyl repress preorder NOW
New pressing our Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw is coming soon from our buddies at Viva Hate Records in Germany. This is pulled from their website:

Pelican - The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw 2xLP preorder starts now!
You can now officialy preorder the Pelican - TFIOTWBTT 2xLP: • Pelican – "TFIOTWBTT" 2x picture disc LP ltd.100 (handnumbered)!!! • Pelican – "TFIOTWBTT" 2xLP blue/ gray marble ltd.100!!! • Pelican – "TFIOTWBTT" 2xLP black vinyl

All records have: gatefold cover (gold foil, different to the first press), printed inner sleeves and 180 g vinyl. AGAIN - North Americans : We charge shipping costs WITHIN the USA (Canada might be a bit higher) – The records will be shipped to you from our good friend's "home base " of GRAF ORLOCK – so go ahead and add some Gorlock stuff as well.

Pricings: North American customers: 2x pic LP ltd.100: 40$ postpaid 2x LP ltd.100: 25$ postpaid both, 2xpic LP/2xLP ltd.100: 60$ postpaid

Euros and rest of the world: 2x pic LP ltd.100: 26€ plus shipping 2x pic LP ltd.100: 20 € plus shipping both, 2xpicLP/2xLP ltd.100 40€ plus shipping

NOTE: The records are done and waiting at the pressing plant to be shipped. (We start shipping them at the beginning of august – the preorder starts that early to sort out how many records go to North Americans… )

How to order…? Send us: Your full address The way you..d like to pay (bank transfer, paypal, cash) Your order Order

Shipping and handling: LP National ( Germany): 5€ LP International (except for North America, see above): 6-10€

heres some new links for the photo galleries of the Vinyl Discography.
This time is broken down into categories to make viewing easier.
Thanks again to Mr. Joe Proffitt for his work.

DVD & CD Discography

7 Inch Vinyl Discography

10" Vinyl Discography

12" Vinyl Discography

Pelican returns to Headbanger’s Ball Saturday!
In the words of Metallica featuring Ja Rule, "Yeah, We Did It":

Vote to rerun Pelican on Headbangers Ball
As much as we hate to innundate folks with bulletin postings...

MTV has granted a rare opportunity (as far as I know) for people to vote the videos they liked from last week's Headbanger's Ball on next week's show. As you may or may not know our video for "Dead Between the Walls" premiered on the show last week and is in the running to be shown again.

Help us get this puppy back on MTV.

Being on tour we had no access to cable TV when it came on this past weekend and have no idea what it's like to see our own video shown on the Ball - grant us the opportunity one more time!

The link for voting is here. .

And many apologies to non-US interneters who have not been able to view our video. For some reason videos hosted on MTV's website are not viewable internationally. As soon as a YouTube version of the video is available we'll post it to our MySpace and blogify about it.


Dead Between The Walls video


Online Premiere + MORE INFO HERE

HeadBangers Ball Premiere this weekend!


This Is How Badly PELICAN Want to Tour with JUDAS PRIEST
When Laurent was an underage alcoholic he ALWAYS made sure to get home in time on Saturday nights to watch Headbangers Ball...and now he's not only got a video premiering (more on that later) on the show but they are posting about his boy chest...he'll be the first to tell you he can die a happy man now...

photos from House of Blues, San Diego CA 4/17/2008
photos from the San Diego HOB show from a few weeks back can be viewed HERE

Shows uncancelled - another tour update
Hey folks,

Sorry to keep jerking you around.

While en route to a family funeral in Europe that would have meant cancelling our May 1st-3rd shows, the complicated obstacle of fine print passport laws blocked departure. Take note world travellers: it is not enough to have a valid passport to travel internationally it must be valid for 90 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF PLANNED RE-ENTRY TO THE STATES. Armed with only 87 days of passport validity, our member was blocked from attending funeral proceedings.

Unfortunately, this transpired late enough in the day that we could not make last night's scheduled performance in South Carolina, but all shows forward will proceed as planned.

Thanks to everyone who has written with their condolences. We will see you all soon.

Yours, pelican

Update on status of May 1st, 2nd and 3rd shows
Despite the difficult circumstances we're currently in, Pelican has decided that we would rather play where it's possible. In that spirit, we are NOT canceling the May 2nd or 3rd shows. We will be performing as a three piece with special guests for the May 2nd show, still opening for Thrice and Circa Survive at the regular slotted time. May 3rd MAY be as a full band again if the Gods of airline travel are with us that day. We hope to see you there. Unfortunately we can not perform the May 1st show as a three piece due to the song arrangements and constraints it poses.

More show cancellations. And apologies.
Due to a family death and resulting funeral, Pelican will be forced to cancel our shows on Thursday, May 1st in Columbia, SC, Friday, May 2nd in Charlotte, NC, and possibly Saturday, May 3rd in Richmond, VA. I hope there is some consolation in the fact that the cancellations that have been transpiring on this tour are the exception and not the norm as we've only cancelled 4 shows to date prior to this outing. So very sorry to the fans in said towns, we will certainly be back the next time we go out.


photos from Tucson, AZ - 4/15/08 + Tempe, AZ - 4/19/08

our friend Andrew Weiss took a bunch of rad photos at our recent shows in Arizona.
you can check them all out HERE.

Vegas Fans
Dear Pelican fans in Vegas: We are so so bummed that we weren'’t able to make our first show in Vegas. We will definitely be back. We’re just as disappointed as you are, and obviously the fact that refunds aren'’t issued for people who come for openers … well that sucks as well. A bit more on what happened, as it wasn’'t just simple van trouble: On our way out that morning the axle on our trailer, unbeknownst to us, experienced a malfunction that caused one of the back tires to freeze up. The friction from the driving started a fire on the side of our trailer. Obviously we were forced to pull over, at which point the tire literally exploded. The gear was fine but the side of the trailer was completely charred. The fire department and the cops came out. We’'re all Ok, but working with U-Haul to replace the trailer while we were cooking in the desert sun took five hours. We drove to Vegas as fast as we could, hoping to basically run onto the stage and do even a song or two, but it was way too late and we didn'’t even arrive until Thrice was ˝ way into their set. It was a terrible fucking day.

At this point, our perspective is that U-Haul did not properly inspect that trailer before leasing it out AND addressed the replacement in the most un-professional of ways. Feel free to call them at their 1-800 number and tell them that they basically suck. We will be back to Vegas – it’s a guarantee.

Although there is great risk in helping Ebayers make money off of our hard work by posting something like this, we can’t ignore he hard work of Mr. Joe Proffitt, who has assembled a full vinyl discography photo gallery for your perusal here.

If one of you out there wants to tackle the shirt version of this let us know. We’ve recently been debating how many shirts we’ve unleashed on the world and it might be somewhat staggering if they were all lined up.

Tour almost here
Hey folks,

We’re leaving for tour in 48 hours. Just wanted to say goodbye. To clear up a little confusion that has been coming in regarding the tour - most nights we are playing first of three bands, so come out EARLY in order to catch us.

Also thought you might want to check out this Pelican interview hosted by corporate hosts Scion. That was peak creepiness of my moustache. Ah, I remember those days.

Okay, see some of you soonish.

In Store Performance - Omaha, NE 4/12
We will be doing an in-store performance at Homer’s Music Orchard Plaza in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday April 12th at 3pm.
more info can be found at

Rock Gauntlet / Hydra Head Evening
Hear tracks from the newest Hydra Head releases from Torche, Cavity, Pyramids, and more. Giveaways and coupons for discounts on HHR releases at Reckless Records. Dont Miss Out On This. April 1st 9pm Sonotheque 1444 W. Chicago Ave Chicago, IL

Dates are now posted for the tour with Thrice and Circa Survive

Sirius Live video + Headbangers Blog
You can check out a complete live clip of the track "Sirius" live in England from the "After The Ceiling Cracked" dvd over here at Also check out the guest blog with Laurent. "After The Ceiling Cracked" is available in the webshop

Australasia + March Into The Sea vinyl represses

Hawthorne Street Records will be repressing the March Into The Sea vinyl ep . Preorders are being taken now HERE. the repress features standard artwork from the cd and comes in two colors, solid grey and transparent blue.
Also, Interloper Records have just issued the 4th repress of Australasia on vinyl. This press comes on grey/brown, is limited to 1000 copies and features silkscreened artwork that is different than the previous presses. Copies can be ordered HERE

After The Ceiling Cracked DVD + 3
CLICK HERE to pre-order

They say that the colors of the real world don’t look really real until you see them on the video screen... but who knew these dudes were so fucking handsome? Still, when instrumental sensations Pelican attained maximum onstage transcendence at the Scala in Kings Cross, London, those in attendance weren’t all that surprised. After all, these accomplished Chicagoans have been kicking ass and taking down the names on an international basis for years now. After the Ceiling Cracked features Pelican’s already legendary London live set from December 20, 2005, interviews and live bonus material shot at various stops on the band’s past US tours, a video for “Autumn Into Summer,” and an extensive photo gallery. Also included is a 3" audio CD** containing two versions of the song “Pink Mammoth” (a major-key reworking of the Untitled EP track “Mammoth”)—one of which features all the members of Seattle rock destroyers These Arms Are Snakes—and “End of Seasons,” a Prefuse 73 remix medley of “Aurora Borealis” and the untitled track from The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw. DVD Content: Live from Kings Cross Scala, London, December 20, 2005:

  1. March Into The Sea
  2. Autumn Into Summer
  3. Nightendday
  4. Last Day Of Winter
  5. Aurora Borealis
  6. Sirius
  7. Australasia
Live Footage Collection 2003-2006:
  1. Sirius (interview w/ Larry and Laurent) Nightendday and City Of Echoes Live from Neumo's Crystal Ball, Seattle, WA 06/03/06
  2. Pink Mammoth and extra footage Live from The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA 05/29/06
  3. Last Day Of Winter Live from Nanci Raygun, Richmond, VA 05/12/06
  4. GW Live from Sabalas, Portland, OR 08/13/05
  5. Mammoth, Drought, and Red Ran Amber Live from The Nyabinghi, Youngstown, OH 05/30/04
  6. Forecast For Today and The Woods Live from The Nyabinghi, Youngstown, OH 10/11/03
  7. Autumn Into Summer music video
Photo and art gallery:
  1. Photos and posters from all eras of the band
3" CD Content:
  1. Pink Mammoth
  2. End Of Seasons
  3. These Arms Are Pink Mammoths
For a limited time only you can order a limited-edition navy blue Pelican t-shirt and/or hoodie along with your "After the Ceiling Cracked" DVD + 3" CD. These shirts and hoodies will ONLY be available through Sunday, January 13th. After that: want this snazzy Pelican shirt or hoodie you will, but find them you will not!

After The Ceiling Cracked DVD trailers

After The Ceiling Cracked DVD - Available 01.22.08

Oh yeah, and please see this. We have nothing to do with it, but it is hilarious.

Feb/March tour
We will be doing a short run of dates in February/March down to the Langerado Festival in South Florida and back. all dates with the exception of the festival itself will feature Black Cobra and Unearthly Trance as support. Dates are posted.

the making of City Of Echoes
Hey folks, just posted a studio report on the making of "City of Echoes". Go here and click the link titled "Overview" in "The Zine" section on the far right to read it. They are sponsering our tour with High on Fire, so we're very pleased they cajoled us into writing that piece.

It's also now possible to listen to the new Tusk record online at


Heavy Metal In Baghdad Benefit In Chicago
There will be a benefit night for the Iraqi metal band Acrassicauda from the documentary "Heavy Metal In Baghdad" at the Continental in Chicago on Wednesday, November 7th. 10pm - 4am. 21+

The guys from Acrassicauda are literally a band on the run. They've gone from Baghdad to Damascus where Vice got them out in the nick of time two weeks ago (see The New York Times article below on Syria kicking out all Iraqi refugees). Now they are in Istanbul and have very little time before they could face deportation back to Baghdad. The implications of this are frightening. They are homeless, gearless, and their money is running out fast. For more information go to

DJ sets by Laurent of Pelican Mike of Russian Circles + Ben Fasman, playing rock, punk and lots of the best heavy metal you've ever heard, all night long. There will be drink specials, some raffles / giveaways and so on.

A documentary has been made on their story that just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to much acclaim.

"The most powerful music film at TIFF" -ROLLINGSTONE.COM "Šone of a kind documentary"- HUFFINGTON POST.COM The New York Times article on Syria: LINK

Hello, people. We are actually off tour for once, so it's time to give you the low down on what's going on.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who made it out to our recent shows in Japan and Australia. Our expectations were far exceeded and fun was had by all. We promise to return as soon as we are able. A review of our Brisbane concert has made it online here. Apologies to the folks in Melbourne who missed out on the appropriate sounding bowed guitar intro to "Aurora Borealis" - sadly this schmuck stole my bow at the Sydney show. NOT cool. I know most of you know this, but for the sake of those who don't- please do not steal our gear. Again, despite that one kink the tour was awesome and fun. Thanks!

Secondly, we are gearing up for our seventh tour of the year, this time blazing a path across Europe with High on Fire. We're stoked for this one- we've played scattered shows with HOF throughout the years (including our first show ever, here in Chicago many years ago), but we've never managed to get our schedules to correspond enough to do a full tour together. This pairing is YEARS in the making and promises to be bangtastic as HOF have just issued their fourth spectacular full length "Death Is This Communion" on Relapse Records, and it is a rager. Our upcoming shows section has all the dates posted. Many familiar places, but we'll also be hitting Greece, Poland, Sweden, and Norway for the first time- we're very excited to finally get out there and play for you all. As always, if we're not hitting your city this time, please realize that we'll be back and we'll likely roll through next time.

The tour runs from November 14th through December 18th. Falling between those days are two important release dates for us:

The first is the long awaited, often-delayed, but now back on track "After the Ceiling Cracked" DVD + 3" CD on December 4th. We are doing everything in our power to try and get copies of this for the tour as soon as they are available. We're hoping it's possible to have it for at least the last two weeks of the tour, but we can't make any promises. For those who do not know, the DVD's centerpiece is a full concert in London from December of 2005 documented by four camerapeople with Jesu mastermind Justin Broadrick manning the console for both the live and recorded sound mix. The DVD is chock full of photos and songs from several other shows spanning our career. The 3" CD is the digital version of the tunes from our recently released "Pink Mammoth" 10" EP with an additional collaborative version of the title track featuring contributions from our boys in These Arms Are Snakes. The whole thing is rounded out by yet another gorgeous layout courtesy of Aaron Turner.

Preceding that release will be the long-awaited, often-delayed third full length from our proto-prog-grind alter-ego Tusk (except for Bryan, who is not in Tusk and has no alter-ego) "The Resisting Dreamer" on November 20th. Two and a half years in the making, "The Resisting Dreamer" is a single 37 minute song divided into four tracks across two sides of vinyl or one side of shiny plastic (depending on your purchasing preference). Original vocalist Jody Minnoch was not available to contribute, but the record benefits from the disparate sounds and intensely talented contributions of Evan Patterson of Young Widows and Toby Driver of Kayo Dot. The two vocalists contributed their own lyrics in tandem and together weave a tale of regret, resentment, and (classic Tusk lyrical theme) descent in madness as the inner worlds of despair and guilt ravage the soul of the album's protagonist, who caves into their nightmarish inner world to ultimately taste "The Lewdness and Frenzy of Surrender." We have reason to believe that copies of this will be available to us by the start of the tour, so we should hopefully have these the whole way.

One final set of notes regarding affiliated bands and you will all be off the hook.

Those of you who live in Chicago and prefer your music burly, brutal, and live ought consider swinging by The Empty Bottle tonight for a free show with Lair of the Minotaur, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Indian. Larry's not currently drumming with LOTM, but if you dig their brand of crushing death-doom you cannot beat a free show with $1.50 PBR. But it's also crucial as Wolves in the Throne Room are one of the greatest bands at the forefront of the New Wave of US Black Metal - their new record "Two Hunters" (Southern Lord) comes highly recommended from us at Pelican HQ. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by coming to this show. The show's at 8:30pm. See you there.

Also this week are two shows from my (trevor) post-experimental, sludge-noise-pop band Teith. The first will be Sunday October 28th at The Empty Bottle. We'll be playing with Gigan, who feature ex-members of Hate Eternal, vicious solo-cellist Helen Money, and Anni Rossi. The show is either $7 or $8 (I've seen listings with both) and doors are at 8:30pm. We'll also be playing "Devil's Night" at a new club called Reggie's Music Joint on October 30th. Also appearing will be Calerna and Blood of the Tyrant. Expect Halloween shindigs and insanity. And bone crushing volume. The show starts at 9pm and is FREE FREE FREE. Teith is also proud to announce that we'll be letting our handmade CD-R edition of our debut EP "Oak City" go out of print as our friends at Thirty Ghosts Records of Austin, TX will be issuing and official factory-run version. Not really sure exactly when this will be out, but our hope is for early 2008.

Whew, I think that's all I have to report. There may be more, but I'm truly at a loss. We likely won't post again until after the dust settles from the next tour, so everyone have happy, safe holidays. PEACE!

Euro And UK Tour with High On Fire
tour dates have been posted for our run through Europe and the United Kingdom in November and December with our friends in High On Fire. check em in the dates section.

Los Angeles VICE show
Good afternoon. Sorry about the mass nature of this bulletin. We're playing a VICE show in Los Angeles, with Saviours (awesome band on Kemado) next week -- September 12. VICE is putting on the show with Scion, and attendance is free. Limited, but free. The first 75 people to rsvp at will get two tickets. Confirmations will be e-mailed on Tuesday, September 11, along with directions to the event. So if you're in Los Angeles, and you'd like to see us play ... here's a chance. :) Take care of yourselves, and hope to see you there. -- Pelican

Rock For Kids Music Mixer - 09/06/07 Chicago
This Thursday is the Fifth Annual Rock For Kids Music Mixer at Smart Bar in Chicago. The Music Mixer is an auction featuring one-of-a-kind mix CDs made by members of the Chicago music community. Larry and Laurent contributed dope mix tapes to this great cause this year. Trevor and Laurent did last year, too, so it's kind of becoming a tradition at this point.

When: September 6th from 6 PM - 9 PM
Where: Smart Bar - 3730 N Clark St. Chicago, IL
What: Bid on one-of-a-kind mix CDs from Chicago's music community
Cost: $5 Suggested Donation

Rock For Kids is a non-profit organization that provides support, assistance and inspiration to children that are homeless or in need. Committed to the dignity of children, Rock For Kids works with families and organizations to positively impact and celebrate young lives.

more info:

tour video and photos
One week of tour left, thanks to those who have come out to the shows so far.
Japan and Australia shows are posted. check out these videos and photos from the road.
New York City 07.24.07

photos: more HERE - from San Francisco by Taija Horne

more HERE - from Albuquerque by Graham Ludewig

more HERE - from Tempe by Andrew Weiss. Andrew is a long time friend of the band and a very talented photographer and we thank him for this intimate portrait of the band.

tour update
Full fledged tour brain has set in, a curious and unpleasant ailment that causes short term memory loss, babbling incoherance, and a complete inability to laugh at any but the least tasteful jokes. I therefore apologize, in advance, for the text that follows, which may be incomprehensible and littered with errors.

Despite said mental conditions the tour has been going swimmingly. Thanks to all who have made it out to the shows and to the bands we've sadly parted ways with (Earth, Priestbird, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, and Your Black Star). We're very sorry to those of you who wanted to pick up City of Echoes or Pink Mammoth on vinyl, those of you who wanted pins and stickers, and those of you who wanted limited edition Golden Girls shirts. Sadly all these things were beyond our control.

The good news (for those of you living on the upcoming tour path) is that we're allegedly picking up 200 copies of the City of Echoes LP when we hit LA on August 10th. An online preorder at will follow shortly after. So some of you can pick the record up from us in person, some by mail, and others can seek it out next month in stores. As usual, the packaging will be awesome and there will several different colors of vinyl.

Also wanted to note that an old chum of the band has launched a site of his concert photogrpahy, featuring a large section of Pelican photos. Check it out here.

See you all soon!

Back On The Road!
Ladies and Gentlemen of the blog-reading public, thank you for sharing your time with us. Many thanks to the many folks who came out and supported us on our short venture overseas this month. The festivals and shows we played were a blast and good times seemed to be had by all. Special thanks to the man known as Frieder for sharing a backcatalog of stories that would have Graham Greene and/or Hunter S. Thompson headscratching for days (and introducing us in inenviable quantities to his specialty driving move the "Snack Swerve"). We will be back later this year fo' sho'.

ONLY DAYS REMAIN before we head back on the road, this time bringing the sound all across this lonesome continent of ours North America. Those of you in the Midwest, Northeast, East Coast, Deep South, West Coast, Pacific Northwest, portions of Canadia, and Texas will have the opportunity to see how we jam these new tunes in the live context. Expectations are that there will be far more sweat, headbanging, and gut trembling volume than when you listen to the record at home. Dates posted now in our upcoming shows/tour dates/whatever that section is called.

At some point on the road we are going to be joined by a few boxes of NEW VINYL. This shit was, of course, meant to be ready for the start of the tour. But pressing plants, finicky as they are, have decided to diss our fans once again and make those of you along the first stretch of the tour reliant on mailorder and record shops. Anyhow, we presume to have vinyl editions of the City of Echoes LP and Pink Mammoth 10" EP at all shows from Los Angeles forward. When the time comes that they are near ready to ship they will be available for purchase at along with limited shirts, vinyl slipmats, and tonsil clippers in a variety of different preorder package options. Stay tuned.

Being on tour will mean only limited mail answerage. Please be patient with us.

Also now announced are tour dates in Japan. Please see our tour dates section for more details. Dates soon to be announced for Australia, as well.

That's all for now. Hope to see you all soon.


Halford hearts Pelican?!
For those of you lucky enough to never have seen Laurent naked (which considering he's in every one of the Hydra Head ads, naked, means there only a few of you), you probably don't realize that he pretty much worships Judas much so that he's got the bird (we're sure he thinks its a pelican) from Screaming for Vengeance tattoed on his right boy breast. Needless to say, when we heard Halford dropped our name in a recent interview with Ralph Sutton from Tour Bus Radio, Laurent and the rest of the Pelican boys nearly had a heart attack. Well, Laurent had the heart attack and the other guys just thought it was incredibly cool. Rob, send us your address and we'll get a sweet package of Pelican goodies over to you...

City Of Echoes OUT NOW
Yes, our new album City Of Echoes had its US release date yesterday. Almost completely without fanfare, the record quietly edged its way into shelves at mom n' pop stores, power hungry chain conglomerates, and digitally ethereal webstores. Let it be known that the version that leaked on the internet upwards of four months ago (and has been circulating since) was an unmastered version of the record, so if you want the real deal you're encouraged to buy the slickly produced, meters-in-the-red version now.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made our shows at Primavera Sound festival, Porto, and Lisbon such huge succeses. We had a blast despite a few technical difficulties here and there that some of you bore witness to. Special thanks to our friends Tule and Jodie Cox, without whom the trip would have been a veritable impossibility.

As you can see from our funny MySpace photo thingy, we managed to get our faces on the cover of Decibel Magazine. Bryan told me that Decibel was sold out at the Borders by his place, so thank you if any of you are responsible. Additionally, DEMAND these bloodsucking chains to keep the fucking thing in stock. The more they sell, the better off the independent music magazine scene is, the more people read about good music, the better off music fans and bands are, etc. So there.

At the end of the month we'll be crossing the pond for our third trip to Europe this year.
Check out the dates on the dates page.

In addition, the first batch of dates for the US tour have been posted.
Hope to see some of you out at the shows!

Lastly, we wanted to bring a cool project we heard about to your attention:
Pointing imaginary guns and roughing up "Iraqi civilians", a group of antiwar veterans brought the realities of the Iraq debacle to Manhattan, in a Memorial Day protest that briefly turned the streets of the city into a combat zone. In "Operation First Casualty," a half-dozen members of Iraq Veterans Against the War employed the tactics of street theater to stage mini-dramas in Times Square, Union Square and the World Trade Center site, simulating sniper fire and staging mock arrests of fellow protesters who portrayed Iraqis. The group plans to take Operation First Casualty to the streets of Chicago June 17.
And the link:

City Of Echoes Preorder
Starting today you can pre-order "City of Echoes" and for a limited time have the option of buying one of several limited edition garments. As usual these pieces are being made only for this pre-order and WILL NOT be reprinted.

CLICK HERE to preorder.

The CD is a 6 panel digi-pack with black gloss printing. Listen to the entire record at . Oh...This record has cock rock riffs, therefore we had to make the underwear. First (only?) ever underoos for a Hydra Head band.

UPDATE: International Shipping is now Fixed & Functional so those who tried to order previously and had issues or haven't had a chance to yet and are overseas, you can now order away to your hearts desires.

For those of you who do not have the patience for waiting out the pre-order shipment, but DO have the patience and money for International mailorder and a penchant for collecting rare goodies, "City of Echoes" is currently available in a CD+DVD version in Japan from our friends at Daymare Recordings. Simply go to click on the "English" option under "Mail Order List" on the left, then click the "Daymare Recordings" link in the list of labels that pops up. The Japanese version contains a live 6-song DVD from a recent performance in LA that we have no plans to release anywhere else for the time being.

these arms are pelican
At our recent show in London on the European tour, we played a special version of Mammoth (Pink Mammoth) with everyone from TAAS, our touring partners, and our friend and booking agent Jodie Cox. So that's nine people on stage! You can witness this for yourself HERE and HERE.

The actual recorded studio version of this song will surface on vinyl later this summer and on the 3" CD that will accompany the delayed DVD "After the Ceiling Cracked" - now out this fall.

SXSW w/ The Melvins/Boris
For those of you who will be down in Austin in a few weeks for South By Southwest, in addition to the Hydrahead Showcase and InSound Party that we will be playing, We're also playing the Scion Showcase with The Melvins, Boris and Panthers on March 15th at Stubbs BBQ.

This is an Invite Only event which you need to sign up to get an invite to, to gain entry. You can do so here... the fine print says Early arrival is suggested as space is limited & Entry is NOT guaranteed. Please DO NOT send requests to get in to this event to us through our Myspace as we cant help you in that way.

split with Playing Enemy
a while back we put out a seven inch with Playing Enemy on Hawthorne Street Records, and wanted to let everyone know that this thing is still in print. we've seen these things poppin up on Ebay, with people paying more than they need to for them since you can still get em HERE for $5ppd.

Winter Hibernation Is Over
If you hadnt heard already, the new full length, City of Echoes, will be hitting the streets on May 22nd. Check here for some more info on that. There's a very strong chance that LP and CD will come out at the same time. You can check out the title track here now, and we hope to post a larger version of the cover art soon.

As has become customary at this point, we'll be hitting the road in a big way. Confirmed live dates have been posted for the months of March and April.

In March we kick off with a benefit for our really good friends in Sweet Cobra. It's on Sunday March 4th, at Chicago's Subteranean, with Sweet Cobra, Minsk and special guests. Consider coming to see a sweet bill and helping our friends fight the good fight with the corporate leeches at insurance companies.

We will then be heading down to Austin, Texas for the South By Southwest Festival to take part in the Hydra Head Records Showcase along with Jesu, Big Business, Daughters, Oxbow and Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum. In addition, we've booked some dates on our way down there and on our way back home. These shows will include Russian Circles and Young Widows with Daughters hopping on for a few of them right before SXSW. Insound is sponsoring one show, and their site has a good summary of all our appearances and all the indie shows to see here.

In April we are heading over to Europe to play some festivals, including the Roadburn Festival, which according to their website is now sold out. also we have a short UK tour with our friends in These Arms Are Snakes. this tour is sponsored by the great people at ROCK SOUND magazine and Drowned In Sound.

We will also be taking part in the Primevera Sound Festival in Barcelona, Spain at the end of May. more info on this can be found here. Before this festival, we have two shows in Portugal. Details will be on this site, of course.

The rest of the summer we'll be on the road in some capacity, whether back in Europe for festivals, tearing up the U.S./Canada, or heading over to Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. So stay tuned.

Day #365
Hope everyone had a great year. Just a reminder if you're looking for somewhere to spend all that sweet cash you accumulated over the holiday season, there is plenty of Pelican gear and music to found over at the HydraHeadShop.

Up for sale are a number of different shirt and hoodie designs in both guys and girls fits, both full lengths on cd and lp, both eps on cd. as well as pins and limited posters from the Mono tour last summer. Just click the link below to check all this stuff out for yourself. have a great 2007.

link to

winter update
Today's Temperature in Chicago: Eight Below with Windchill Factor "It's the end of a fucked up year, there's another one coming." - Embrace

And I realize that there is some danger of that being the only viable conversation exchanged with the family during the upcoming holiday vacation/break/disaster, so why not pepper a few of your interactions with a variety of tidbits about Pelican? This news is designed with this very purpose in mind. Let us begin:

1) NEW ALBUM IN 2007! Five days from now we will ensconce ourselves in Chicago's Electrical Audio Studios for 11 days of intense concentration and furious rocking. The album will be engineered by none other than Andrew Schneider, the villain behind this years' prime offender Hell Songs by the Daughters, last years' jaw dropper Perfect Pitch Black by Cave In, and the previous years' Summer bar fight soundtrack Subject to Change Without Notice by fellow Midwesterners Keelhaul. In other words, Andrew's credentials are apparently unsullied (yet) and the album is predicted to have a throttling impact worthy of the ragers we've constructed for it.

People who made it out to see us on our West Coast/Canadian jaunt with Daughters had the opportunity to preview four of the new tunes, "City of Echoes", "Bliss in Concrete", "Dead Between the Walls", and "Spaceship Broken - Parts Needed". The good news is that these songs only began to scratch the surface - there's a whole six more songs in the reserves that hadn't yet made it to the live performance stage. On a whole the songs are more concise and more aggressive than our prior work. Relentless repetition has taken a backseat to intensity and a desire to pack as many riffs as possible into each tune.

The album is currently slated for a May release on Hydrahead Records. People can, of course, expect us to tour before and after that time.

2) SO MANY LIVE PERFORMANCES - Those of you who live in or around Chicago will have two opportunities to see us before the years' end. On December 22nd at 9pm we will rock Subterranean with Lichens (ex-90 Day Men, on Kranky Records) and Suicide Note. The next day we will work our way North to the Beat Kitchen for a 7:30pm show with Young Widows (ex-Breather Resist, Jade Tree Records) and Suicide Note. The capacity at both of these clubs is smaller than the last several Chicago shows we've played, so buying tickets in advance (both shows are available at or showing up early is advised as the shows may sell out.

There will then be a short break while we mix our record and gather our druthers for a year spent touring. March will see us traveling to Austin, Texas for the annual South By Southwest Music Festival (dates to and from the event will be posted in our upcoming shows section when they are confirmed). In April we'll be crossing the pond to play Holland's Roadburn Festival (along with the Melvins, Neurosis, Blue Cheer, OM, Red Sparowes, Growing, Thrones, and several others; see for more details). We'll be doing a few weeks of dates preceding the fest, including dates in Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, and the UK. Again, dates will be posted as soon as they are available.

There will be other tours in 2007, including full fledged tours of the US, UK, Europe, and potentially Japan. We'll let you know when things are confirmed. I promise.

3) AFTER THE CEILING CRACKED DVD - We announced this a while back, but if you don't remember (or never heard) we've been working on this DVD for the past year. It's centerpiece is a performance captured in London in December of 2005 with live and DVD audio mix by none other than Justin Broadrick (Jesu, Godflesh, Ice, Techno Animal, Final, etc.). The DVD also includes excerpts of several archived live performances from throughout the years as well as a photo gallery that documents much of our history as a band. It was slated for a January release, but has been pushed back due to numerous technical difficulties. News on the status of this project should be forthcoming shortly.

4) WHAT ABOUT PELICAN MERCH FOR THE HOLIDAYS? - I know, I know... you want to share the love this holiday season. A new shirt design by our close buddies at Delicious Design League was just posted at the Hydrahead Webstore ( There you can also find copies of our CDs, the brand new-ish double LP version of The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw, posters from recent tours, and most anything else you might imagine. If none of this appeals to you we'd like to take the opportunity to suggest the DVD release of a film we lent a song to, The Run Up, a documentary detailing the lives and work of many artists working in the field of fine, graffiti, and street art. More information about this film can be found here.

5) THAT PART OF THE NEWSLETTER WHERE WE WRAP THINGS UP BY DISCUSSING OTHER BANDS WE ARE AFFILIATED WITH - I'd like to start by thanking everyone who came out to the Chord show in Brooklyn and extend gratitude to Growing, the Austerity Program, and the the Water Street Lounge for making the show possible. It was 14 months since the last time Chord had met (and 28 months since our last show), so it's hard to say precisely when the next time we'll perform/record/etc. will be. Chances are that mention will be made of it on our "website" at I think Phil posted a "ringdrone" up there that people are intended to put on the cell phones. Uh, weird.

People have been writing to ask why Larry wasn't present at recent Lair of the Minotaur shows. He's not currently playing with the band since he lives in California. But those guys definitely have plans to play together again. There was a lot of time conflicts between Pelican and LOTM's touring schedules. LOTM had opportunities and needed to tour more so they needed a drummer that is more available. Larry wishes them the absolute best.

Trevor's band Teith just released a CD-R EP via migration media ( News about the group and MP3's can be found at their MySpace site:

6) THAT'S ALL FOLKS - But seriously, it is. I can't think of anything else that we need to share with you. Hope to see you at our upcoming shows and have safe and happy holidays!

The Run Up
Just wanted to let you know that Pelican have donated a track to the dvd release "The Run Up". it's a double dvd set about some of todays modern artists in the fields of graffiti, photography, tattoo, design, comics, etc. the dvd contains interviews and music. We were asked to donate a song for the film and provided the acoustic song from "fire..." lp. we're glad we had the opportunity to be part of this great project.

here's some links and info:
film website
check out a short trailer here
to order a copy

Chicago shows
We have two more special shows booked before the end of the year in Chicago. The show on the 22nd will be a 21 and over show at Subterranean with Lichens and Suicide Note. the show on the 23rd will be all ages at Beat Kitchen with Young Widows and Suicide Note. We intend to play most of the new songs from the new album at these.

for your viewing pleasure
yet another video to check out, this one features the track 'GW' from Australasia as its soundtrack. the images in the video are a collage of footage from 1960 about Joseph Kittinger, a man who in that year took a giant helium balloon up to 102,800 feet and then jumped, setting records for highest ascent, highest jump, longest freefall and fastest fall. The video was put together by Temmi Okkerse, who is a part of the Smallcities art collective in Holland.

CLICK HERE to check out the video.

Red Cross Benefit Show featuring CHORD
Red Cross Benefit show at Water Street Restaurant and Lounge in Brooklyn, NYC on November 11th. The lineup is CHORD (members of Pelican), The Austerity Program, and Growing. This is a benefit for a great cause. For more info head to

something cool to check out
Pelican contributed "Sirius" to Xvivo's demo reel. They specialize in providing amazing animation for medical schools across the country. As a band, this was a cool choice because we feel that medical animation is likely to reduce the use of animals in labs for testing, so it was neat to contribute a song to a company that likely helps that goal. to view the video click on the link that says animation towards the bottom of their site and the video will play.

Ottawa venue change
the venue for the 10/12 Ottawa show has changed from Babylon to Mavericks. As well the doors / show times have changed from 5pm doors / 5:30 pm show to the far more humane 7pm doors / 7:30 pm show with Pelican hitting the stage approx 10:15 pm. Please let everyone know!!!

Roadburn Festival 2007
We are proud announce that we will be apart of the Roadburn Festival in Holland next April. bands taking part in this amazing festival are Neurosis, Om, Thrones, Growing and a bunch more. further details can be found HERE. We'll likely be doing a UK tour and a few other European dates around that time. Plans are to then come back later in the year, once the record is out, for a more comprehensive European tour.

Fall Touring about to begin
Touring for the fall will begin in under a week now, the tour is being sponsored by the good people over at more on that can be found here. Joining us on these dates are none other than fellow hydraheaders, Daughters and the amazing metal band Nachtmystium, with Russian Circles, Sweet Cobra and Saviours showing up for a few dates. This will be our first extensive tour of Canada as part of the Exclaim! Aggressive Tendencies Tour with Daughters and KEN MODE. more on that can be found here. We'll be playing a bunch of new songs on this one, and likely recording the new full length soon after the tour.

The Fire In Our Throats 2xLP Preorder
The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw 2xLP is finally up over at Its an old-school style heavyweight gatefold jacket printed on reflective metallic stock. Double vinyl LP on 5 colors plus black all on 180 gram vinyl with full color labels. Each record is in a heavyweight 4 color inner-sleeve. These are limit one per person.

Live In Seattle Video
Super proud to share this one with you. It's a really nice edit of an interview and some live material courtesy of the Live Eye TV crew. Check it out here: We'd like to thank them for putting together the clip. I'll try and post more stuff like this when it comes my way.

For those who are interested, there's also a ton of our stuff at YouTube. A search for Pelican yields interesting results.

Fall Touring and Release Schedule
Pelican is going on tour in late September and most of October through the South, West Coast, and Canada. The dates are in the main part of this site. But here's a write up that sums our fall plans up well:

This fall, Pelican will unveil new material from their third, as-yet-untitled release on a North American tour. Chicagos most versatile prog-metal instrumentalists will play with Daughters on the second leg of their fall Hell Songs trek, while further supporting 2005s acclaimed Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw. And in addition to the new LP, Pelican will descend in November with the weighty simultaneous release of a live DVD/3-inch CD/2XLP/12-inch.

With all these ambitious projects ahead, Pelican is bringing in some high-profile fans to assist. A Prefuse 73 remix will be released on the 3-inch CD and the 12-inch, while the live DVD features a headlining show in London that was mixed by Justin Broadrick of Jesu. The 2XLP contains the full audio of the same show. According to Pelican's label, Hydra Head, the band is likely to begin recording after the tour.

Fall tour dates are up in the dates section. We're routing home from the east coast back to Chicago, so there'll be some dates there, too. More to come soon.

The Canadian portion of the tour is sponsored by a rad Canadian weekly. The tour up there is called Exclaim! Aggressive Tendencies Tour.

In additional news, have you seen the Pelican Nebula Ionization Front? Check it out here. Thanks Chiba for the link to this.

Seeking Live Footage -- especially recent MONO tour
We're putting the finishing touches on a DVD that should be out in the late Fall. The centerpiece of the release will be a show we played at the London Scala back in December, but it will also contain some interviews and various songs culled from live sets of the past. In digging through our video archive we realized that we have very little footage from our tour with Mono which, hands down, were consistantly our favorite performances. If anyone out there has video from the recent tour - especially the Chicago show - please get in touch.

Now that I'm thinking of other really good shows if anyone has video of our show in Groningen, Netherlands from our tour with Cave In get in touch about that. Hell, if you've got footage of ANY show that you feel is pretty decent, get in touch. We've been fortunate that people have given us footage at shows and also sent us things, but I'm sure there are things out there that we don't have.

Pelican Tour Posters
Up now over at are tour posters from our recent co-headlining tour of the states with Mono. Our good friends Billy Baumann and Jason Teegarden-Downs are responsible for these designs (as well as the poster printing). These two designers have done several amazing posters for us before, and they are the main players behind The Delicious Design League. Check them out at as well as here.

The posters were prepared for our co-headlining tour with MONO last May and June. There are eight different colors, each representing a different element. Because we had a small amount leftover, and this tour was in the U.S. and Canada only, we wanted to make them available worldwide. As for the shirt and hoodie designs, they’re adapted from the poster art, and Delicious’ first forray into designing garments for Pelican. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Fall Touring
Pelican is going on tour in late September and most of October through the south, West Coast, and Canada. Plenty more dates announced soon. Joining us on these dates is none other than Daughters and the amazing metal band Nachtmystium. We'll be playing a bunch of new songs on this one, as we're likely recording our new full length soon after the tour.

the latest...
Just a little tidbit of news: The FIOT vinyl test presses are on their way to us now, believe it or not, so we WILL have the vinyl with us for fall touring. Touring will resume then with Daughters out west and into Canada again. You can then look forward to a brand new pimped-out DVD in early November. Other than these exciting bits of news, we are working dilligently on our new record. We're five songs in. No details to share yet, other than it sounds nothing like any particular release we've done, but it's still us. Think of it as the difference between a V-neck sweater and a sleeveless Slayer shirt. We'll share more real soon!

June Update
Pelican hit the road from May 7th to June 20th. That makes it the longest tour we've ever been on; our hair is longer and we're so pumped from fist fighting with riffs every night that we're now writing a speed metal record. It was the 6th tour to support our recent full length "The Fire in our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw." Don't have it yet? You know where to get it. From Lansing, MI, all the way down the East Coast and across the states and Canada, We had their best tour ever, partnering up with MONO, The Life and Times, Mare, Tarentel, Eluvium and Boston's Disappearer.

A collective thanks to our tour mates, all who supported the tour by writing a story, coming to the show, giving a place to crash, sparing bud, directing us to the nearest record store, and providing whiskey when we needed it most (i.e. every night). Plans now are to write the next album. FIOT surfaces on vinyl this summer, too!

Finally. Touring will resume in the fall with Daughters out west and into Canada again. You can then look forward to a brand new pimped-out DVD.

Video Interview and more...
check out a video interview done during the Taste of Chaos tour HERE

also worth checking out are the arcticles HERE and HERE

Australasia LP Repress Now Available

Australasia LP repress is available to order through the Interloper Records Website This repress features artwork with a new color scheme and Green and Purple vinyl.

also check out this feature article from rom VIEW Magazine in Canada

San Diego In Store Cancelled
Kids, our drums pedals snapped at 2 a.m. yesterday, so we gotta fix those today before the proper San Diego show. I had to call M-Theory to cancel our appearance. I am so sorry! --Laurent

Invaders Compilation
Check out the Pelican song "Ran Amber" on the new Invaders Compilation out and available everywhere on Kemado Records. the song was previously only available on the split vinyl release with Mono. Other great bands on this comp include The Sword, Big Business, Black Mountain and more. for more info click here

Hey folks,

Been meaning to post a new update to let you all know what's up since getting back from tour two weeks ago, but life gets pretty hectic when it only happens in small blocks between tours. Anyway, I'm here to set the record straight as quickly and clearly as possible.

Speaking of time off between tours - Larry didn't hardly have any! As I stated a little bit ago Lair of the Minotaur are currently on tour and need your support. I went out to their Washington D.C. date and they were phenomenal. Anyone missing out on this metal behemoth are out of their minds or simply don't enjoy banging their head as much as the next guy/girl/etc.

I should also state that I dropped the ball on notifying everyone about the release of the long awaited vinyl version of our "March Into the Sea" EP. There was a nifty preorder internet package available at the HydraHead Online Store that ought to have been mentioned here ahead of time (follow the link now and sign up for their newletter - it's the best way to find out about these things in advance). Honestly, the first I heard about it was 24 hours after it started, but I apologize to you record collectors all the same. Limited quantites of the record will be available from HydraHead, Aquarius Records, Conspiracy Records, and from us on tour while supplies last.

That's my cue to discuss our upcoming tour with Mono (whose stunning new record "You Are There" is now available from Temporary Residence). We are headed out for a whopping six weeks across the United States and a few select Canadian cities - all dates can be found in our Upcoming Shows section. We will be joined, at various points, by our friends Russian Circles, The Life and Times, and Tarentel. We're hitting many cities we haven't been to before; the tradeoff being that we're missing some that we have been to before. We apologize. It kills us, but we can't sandwich every city into every tour - be patient, we WILL be back.

There's gonna be plenty of insane merch on the ride with us - including a limited edition screen printed tour poster by our favorite Chicago designers Delicious Design and the aforementioned "March Into the Sea" 12" vinyl. A vinyl repress is also in the works for our first album "Australasia" from the fine folks over at Interloper Records. They'll also be bringing Tusk's first album "Get Ready" into the vinyl realm as soon as test presses are approved. No word on exactly when these will be finished, but there's a high likelihood that they will join us at some point during the tour and be made available for immediate consumption.

Possibly the biggest news is that the gears are finally turning on the 2LP version of "The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw". Artwork is approved and we are patiently twiddling our thumbs awaiting test presses. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but there is a slim chance that we may get copies of this at some point along the way. Like I said, the chance is slim.

Other than that it's the same old story. We've been working on new material and took a break from our last tour to record a totally different version of "Mammoth" from our first EP that we'll be mixing soon (hopefully this'll turn into a 12" single or something of the sort). Trevor's ambient/experimental project Histoire will be issuing its first major release "Architecture" through Germany's Viva Hate Records in July and/or August. As well, his "electronic" band Teith have just posted a bunch of new demos on their MySpace site and will have a remix featured on a new single by Austin, Texas' My Education, alongside Red Sparowes, Dalek, and Kinski; to be released via Thirty Ghosts Records in June.

Whew! Think that's all for now. Until next time...

SUNN Model T -- Got one to spare?
Gosh, I hate doing this ... passing on my gear concerns to fans, but I'm just desperately seeking another SUNN Model T, so I can have two to record and tour with. I am looking for a first or second issue, but not the recent fender reissue of the Model T. If you have one you'd care to part with, or know someone who does -- I would make a very generous offer (I think).

Please email me directly if you can help: In the long run, it means I will write better songs, play fierce, spit fire, do great kicks on stage, and all around impress all of you Pelican fans 10,000 times more.

We are home from the Taste of Chaos. It turned out much better than we could have possibly anticipated. Thank you so much for everyone who came out and supported. Thank you, too, to all the people who threw projectiles and curses our way - more fuel for the fire, my friends and foes.

The Lair of the Minotaur tour is happening RIGHT NOW! See their myspace site for dates and cities.

As many of you know we'll be hitting the road again in a few weeks with Mono. A lot of dates ahead of us! I hope we are hitting a town that you live in or can easily travel to. We definitely get bummed out when people can't see us.

March Into The Sea vinyl
the March Into the Sea vinyl is available now in one of 7 different limited edition bundles now over at hydrahead shop.

"This was basically a labor of true love. March Into the Sea is one of our favorites songs. This 12 version was mastered to perfection by John Golden, so its different than the CD in that aspect. Everything was done to up the value of the analog version, both in audio and aesthetic. The covers were hand screened, and the different colors chosen represent the palette of color well. They sound great and look great, esp. the vellum version."

more Mono
more dates with Mono have been added

Mono Tour
the first batch of confirmed shows for the upcoming tour with Mono are posted in the dates section. there are MANY more to be confirmed. The Life and Times and Tarentel will be on select dates of the tour.

We are home from the five-week European adventure with Cave In. We had an amazing time, and it is thus far being remembered as our favorite tour! We are grateful to all those who organized great shows, fed us, hung out, watched and called out song titles, and we made a lot of new friends. Thanks to all of you. We hope to return in September.

After a short week of rest, we'll be on the road again for Taste of Chaos. The dates are on this site. Then we take a month off and hit the road again for our US excursion with MONO. A lot of dates ahead of us! I hope we are hitting a town that you live in or can easily travel to. We definitely get bummed out when people can't see us.

Please check out the myspace site for reviews, photos, and what is happening with Pelican and all our other projects: LOTM, TUSK, TEITH, and HISTORIE.

Lair Of The Minotaur
Larry's other band, the formidable Lair of the Minotaur, have a lot going on. The new record is out on Southern Lord ( on April 4, and there's tour dates to look forward to. Not all are confirmed, so the best bet is to check their site (here) for updates. Hail! 666

tour journal
some photos from the euro tour with cave in can be found in the tour photo journal here.

Insane TUSK Conest
Please, check this out. We think it's the best contest EVER. If you're not entertained by this, then you're dead: Interpunk

Tusk Get Ready re-issue Info
For those of you curious about the elusive first Tusk album here is a tidbit of good news from the HeWhoCorrupts Inc. (see also and HeWhoCorupprupts Inc myspace) website. And I quote:

Finally, the news you've all been waiting for!!! The TUSK "GET READY" CD re-issue will be up for pre-order in early JANUARY!! ! Make sure to check out the site TUESDAY, JANUARY 10TH for a special pre-order deal that includes a TUSK T-SHIRT and POSTER!!! As if we haven't reminded you enough, this re-issue is essential for even those who own the original "GET READY" CD. The re-issue includes the following extras: all original tracks completely re-mixed and re-mastered, six unreleased live radio tracks, new artwork courtesy of Aaron Turner (HYDRAHEAD | ISIS), and a new enhanced section featuring an interview, live radio performance, and music video. May we kindly remind new comers, before there was PELICAN, there was the mighty TUSK!!!!

Taste Of Chaos
Taste Of Chaos tour info is now up in dates section.
for more info check out taste of chaos website

European Tour With Cave In
tour info is now listed in the dates section.

shirts for a cure
there is an exclusive Pelican t-shirt over at Shirts For A Cure. proceeds goto a great cause so pick one up here.

The Syrentha J. Savio Endowment (SSE) was established by punk rock photographer Mark Beemer in 2002. SSE provides financial assistance to underprivileged women who cannot afford expensive breast cancer medicine and therapy. Because SSE is active within the punk rock community, the Shirts For A Cure project was launched to give voice to the social concerns of punk bands and their many fans.

When a band donates a shirt design, the design becomes an SSE exclusive. We sell the shirt and use the proceeds to help women fighting breast cancer. If you would like to support our cause by purchasing a shirt. All shirts are printed on 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Each shirt costs $12 plus shipping and handling.

Rock Sound loves us
Yo bitches, we're in Rock Sound again to coincide with our UK tour. Check it out! Should be on sale now.

Cave In + Taste of Chaos Tour + MONO Tour
Peeps, we're hitting the road hard in 2006. First, we go to Europe for five weeks with Cave In, hitting a ton of spots. Route coming soon. February 1 to March 8.

Then in the US we're on this tour from March 18 to April 2nd, with some off-tour shows to fill out the dates and get us home. It's called Taste of Chaos, and it's with a bunch of bands I'm sure no one thought we'd play with. But we're down, as it's always cool to play for new people. I'm sure the tickets will be expensive and shit, but we're headling the second stage (so we go on before Thrice and Deftones on main stage). I think our stage is all accoustic and then us !?!?! Well, they're in for a nice change of pace. I'll post a routing when we have it. We start in the Midwest and head West. Go to for details, I guess. I think it's kinda looking like this:

3/18 Toledo, Oh
3/19 Fargo, Nd
3/20 TBA-- non-taste of chaos
3/21 Des Moines, Ia
3/22 St Louis, Mo
3/23 Kansas City, Ks
3/24 TBA -- non-taste of chaos
3/25 Denver, Co
3/26 Salt lake City, Ut
3/27 TBA -- non-taste of chaos
3/28 Fresno, Ca
3/29 Sacramento, Ca
3/30 TBA -- non-taste of chaos
3/31 Las Angeles, Ca
4/01 San Jose, Ca
4/02 Taste of Chaos, Seattle or Portland
4/03-5 -- routing home

Then we're scheduled to support MONO for the entire US and Canada, from May 9 to June 9. These shows are going to have awesome support. Just wait and see. We're hitting every nook and cranny motherfuckers. East, South, West, etc. FINALLY -- and with our favorite band, basically.

New clothing for sale!
As if you don't have enough Pelican merch. We've got sweet new zip ups at the Hydra Head Shop. Link to it in the contacts section. Peace.

UK dates
UK dates for December have been added to the dates section.

Cool things to check out ...
here. here.

hydrahead version of MONO split lp
the Hydrahead version of the split lp with MONO is available now HERE. it is available in four different colors that are different than the red color that was available from temporary residence but is now sold out. some new tshirt designs are available as well.

Flower 15
Flower15 Tickets and eight-show festival passes will be available through Ticketmaster starting on September 17th at 12:00 PM. In addition, you will be able to purchase tickets without a fee at the Metro Box Office (3730 N. Clark Street) on the same date. Check and make sure to visit the tickets page on September 17th for information. Once onsale, remaining tickets are sure to go quickly! HERE, and HERE.

EP vinyl repress! FOREVER IN PRINT!
Our self-titled EP, which is our demo, is repressed FOREVER. That's right -- the label has decided to keep it print for a while, so we're amped. The label, Cock of the Rock, did a new pressing this summer, this time with badass gold covers, and they're gone. So, for anyone that wants the EP on vinyl, please stop shelling out $67 for it on eBay. That's ridiculous ...

Hurricane disaster relief
Well I'm sure everybody is familiar with the horrific events in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama. Just wanted to post the link to the Red Cross, so we could all give and help the many people down there who need it. Here is the link: Red Cross.

March Into the Sea EP on vinyl + MONO split
March Into the Sea is almost ready on vinyl. We will definitely do a special pre-order for this one, as it is in limited quantities. More info soon. I swear, anytime now! The cover art looks just crazy. If our summer poster was any indication of what the fine folks at Burlesque Design can do, then you know you're in for a treat. And the MONO split is just about out on the streets -- get it from Temporary Residence or Hydra Head. Links in the Contact section.

Lair of the Minotaur new records soon!
Check them out at LOTM and look for a new full length and 7" to change the metal world real soon. Out on the Lord of course! I just heard the test pressing of the new record and it fucking smokes all.

Chat, motherfuckers
Here is a new Web board. Enjoy yourselves! BOARD.

Enjoy ...
e-card for the new album. This record is out everywhere. If you have trouble finding it, you can always email us or the label.

My Space
05.31.05 And props to Mike Deadhero for setting this shit up and helping with it! Mike.

Contact info for us!
The address is no longer valid. For General correspondence - Thanks.

TUSK new full length is out
Most of you probably don't know about TUSK; it's an "adventurous" grind band we were doing prior to Pelican. We have one full length, "Get Ready," on He Who Corrupts, Inc. We just released the second album, "Tree of No Return." It's a concept record, really both lyrically and musically, about a wanderer who gets lost in the woods and inherits dementia due to starvation. The CD version came out on Tortuga Records in late August. Check out the site (Tortuga) if you don't know Tortuga, the Hydra Head sister label and home of troublemakers Scissorfight. We're truly blessed. For vinyl, check out this site. Unfortunately, the first pressing is gone. But another is on the way. Also, a new Tusk album is in the works. It'll likely be our last.